Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Delightful Day

I have been having a delightful day here at the shop. It has been one of those days where the nicest people come in. The first person to walk through the door was Chelsea.

Chelsea is a brand new knitter. How new? She started yesterday! Look how far she’s gotten on her scarf! She did most of that while she was sitting here in the shop periodically muttering things like “I really like doing this”, “I don’t want to do anything else today” and “I think I’m getting obsessed”. I’m pretty sure its safe to say that she’s now One of Us. Go Chelsea!

On to today’s UFO: I didn’t knit this sweater. It is a repair.* It is someone’s beloved old Irish knit sweater that has gone all frayed at the ribbing. I do a lot of these. If you reknit the ribbing, you can get another ten years out of these sweaters! Anyway, what I did at the bottom is cut a strand where the ribbing meets the body of the sweater and undid it until the ribbing came off. I’ve learned to pick up stitches on the body as I go. It is much easier that way. I then unraveled the ribbing and salvaged as much usable yarn as I could. All I did then was to knit down from the stitches I’d picked up until I was out of yarn. The ribbing is a little shorter but still fine. I’m doing something similar to the collar though, in
that case, I just undid the bind off row

and unraveled it. The operation for the cuffs will be the same as the bottom of the sweater. I should be done with it pretty soon. I definitely want to have it finished before the weather gets too warm to sit under it!

*I do repair knitted items at the shop. The items have to be hand knitted and guaranteed m*th free.


Anonymous said...

kudos to chelsea- who the hell starts (and doesn't kill themselves over) fuzzy yarn?

Lucy said...

I was pretty impressed! She's not just another pretty face, you know.