Sunday, May 21, 2006

Surprise Baby-sitting

I may not have any children of my own but that hasn’t stopped me from making quite a career of borrowing other people’s children. Saturday night, the mother of one of my favorite borrowees called to say that she and her boyfriend were headed out to a really fancy dinner with his family and her childcare had fallen through. Could I baby-sit? But, of course!
That is how my friend Meret ended up spending the evening!

As is the Auntie’s prerogative, I bought the child an ice cream cone.

Which seemed like a good idea,



not so much.

Not to worry, Meret settled down, we read Russell the Sheep and then she had a nice nap on the couch until mommy got back. All’s well that ends well!

I have at least four more UFO’s to report. I found them all when I was reorganizing the scrap yarn area. I’ll have pictures soon.


Anonymous said...

oh my god!!! She's huge! holy crap! I think i'm headed towards all of you this weekend- will anyone be around? Would we like to trek to sushi, maybe sat. after shop closes? I would kill for fugakyu, but if y'all are craving something closer to home, let me know. I just need to see the friends!

Lucy said...

Isn't she? She ate that whole ice cream without dripping a bit and she'd eaten over half of it before I thought to pick up my camera!

I would absolutely like to go get sushi with you. I'll go to Fugakyu if you're driving but would rather stay here if we're on the T. Shop closes as 6pm.

Anonymous said...

mr. jonathan may have offered to drive~ invite the whole crew! we will have a car also, so we can fill them both if you want! we should get a rough # and I'll get a reservation.