Sunday, May 07, 2006

My First Entry

Hello All,
Welcome to my brand new blog! I thought I’d start out by giving a little bit of an explanation of the name. Melissa thought it up but its something that I actually say all the time. For those of you that own yarn shops, you know that they are so much more than your job. My shop is a real extension of myself. Something that may make me a little different from the shops in the Boston area anyway is that I actually live here. Anyway, at different times, people have needed a drink of water, a tissue, some hand cream, chopsticks to eat take-out with, etc. Some of the more random things I’ve had are clear plastic clips for music when you play outdoors, a carabiner (not the fake kind you put your keys on either), and black elderberry syrup for a friend with a cold! When I produce these things, I often say, “Well, you know, this is a full service yarn shop.”
A little bit about me: My name is Lucy Lee. I’ve owned Mind’s Eye Yarns in Cambridge for almost nine years (don’t miss the anniversary sale next month). Before that, I was the elementary school band and orchestra director in a couple of little schools in Maine.
I live in the back of my shop and my mother, brother and his two sons live upstairs from me. Kasey, a.k.a. Big Nephew, is 13 and should really be called Getting-Bigger-By-The-Minute Nephew. The kid has grown at least 5” in the last year and don’t even talk to me about his feet! I knit him socks last winter and all I can say is Good Grief! Darien, a.k.a. Little Nephew, is 4 and believe me, you’ll be hearing a lot about him! Four-year-old logic never ceases to amaze.
As I figure out the whole blog thing, you can look forward to photos, links, a list of my UFOs, shop news and all kinds of other stuff. I’ll try include knitting and spinning tips and techniques, whatever I happen to be working on. I’m telling you right now, though, I’m a little afraid of counting up and cataloguing my UFOs. Maybe there’s some things a person just doesn’t need to know. Well, I don’t want to blather on too long on my first post so I’ll wrap it up here. Happy knitting all!


djr said...

Hi Lucy, yes, I see you.

Anonymous said...

LOVE it! i would never catalog my ufos... to depressing. May i link to you? also, i know you asked when i spun last- it's been awhile. i went back to the vet today though to get otis's stitches out and to learn how to give him antibiotic shots (turns out penacillin is toxic to bunnys if you feed it to them), and it turns out a few people there knit. they were all thrilled with otis, and all want yarn. my vet was showing off the yarn i brought to show her, and telling everyone, "look, this is the yarn. and this is my most handsome bun..." on and on. very funny. so i will be spinning for them soon- the surgery was expensive, but less than other places, and today, they don't charge for the follow up visit. i just paid for the meds and needles. $29! i love my vet! welcome to blog!

Lucy said...

See of your vet will take yarn instead of cash! It never hurts to ask.
I'm so glad Otis is doing well. His has taken up the banner of the One-Eyed Wonder. Brutus would be proud.
Of course you can link to me. I'm going to put up a list of blogs I read once I figure out how. I'm assuming you wouldn't mind me listing yours?

Anonymous said...

of course you can link to me. if you go to your "blogger home" where you can change things, push the tab that says "template." Find the place in all the nonsense that says "edit me," right after the google bit, and just cut the "edit me" and drop in the url. the blog thing is pretty easy. he is certainly a one eyed wonder!

Rosemary said...

Welcome to the blogosphere! My favorite service is the fresh lemon-ginger-honey tea. Bloglines is the other easy way to include links to your usual reads (and it tells you when your favorite bloggers have updated).

I'm going to miss you at the Fiber Frolic, too. I promise to stop in the shop on May 25 after I go to our condo closing and before I pick D up at the airport for commencement. I do still have a GC to spend.

Anonymous said...

Hey! Sitcom potential, indeed. (Umm, let me know if you get any of that dratted cotton Cascade in yellow... I am striking out.)

Nadira said...

Welcome! I'm glad to see you're blogging. Will need to stop in for another spinning lesson sometime soon!