Thursday, May 18, 2006

Slow Dayz in the Shop

The shop has been quite slow lately which is good and bad. The bad part is, obviously, that I don’t make as much money. The good part is that I get a chance to clean up, get organized and catch up on email and paperwork. I’m president of the Boston Knit Out and Crochet Too again this year and the mad emailing has already begun! It is actually a good thing that the shop is slower in the summer or I’d never have time to do it all.
So, today, being Thursday, is Doria Day. My friend Doria, storyteller, knitter and writer extraordinaire, comes over here once a week to whup my sorry butt into shape. She is an amazing organizer and a true enemy of culch. I am fairly disorganized and suffer from culch as a genetic disorder. Doria and I have conversations like the following on a regular basis:

Doria-“This area would be much neater if you had a larger wastebasket.”
Lucy-“Probably, but, if I were a better person, I’d empty this wastebasket more often.”
Doria-“Yes, but we both know that you’re not going to do that.”

And then she gets me a bigger wastebasket and takes away the one I had. Doria is the reason that the magazines are in nice magazine racks and stands, that I have not one, but two pencil cups on the counter and that most of my yarn sample cards are in their appropriate folder. She’ll be here by 1pm. Hmm, I’d better go empty the recycling.

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Anonymous said...

aruughah! (speaking of sound effects!) Doria has a webpage! how much do i miss chicken noises, or a random donkey sound from nowhere. i need to hire her to come for a weekend organizing romp at my place- 450 sq ft has to be a challenge!