Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all you moms out there!
I thought I'd take this opportunity to tell you a little about my mom.

It has taken me a long time to figure out my mother. Actually, there’s still a lot I’m figuring out. One of the things that I’m sure of though, is that my mom can be a laugh riot. She doesn’t think of herself as funny which is amazing to me! Let me share a few “Mom-isms” and I’ll let you judge for yourself:
~When I was a kid, we never, ever had leftovers. That doesn’t mean that we threw out the food that was left from various meals. It was just billed as “Meals of the Week in Revue”.
~One night, we’d have succotash and squash with supper. The next night, mom would combine what was left of each into “succa-gush”.
~A close friend came out to me a few years ago and, when I shared this with my mother, her reaction was “Hey, happens to the best of us”.
~She has also coined a term that has come into general use among my friends and family. It is “culch”. You know what culch is. It’s that pile of stuff on the kitchen table, in the back of the closet, or next to the couch. Anytime a pile of stuff begins to take on a personality of its own, you’ve discovered culch!
~Later in life, mom developed lactose intolerance. One of the ways she figured this out was that fact that she began experiencing what she described as “career compromising flatulence”.

Some other things about my mom:
When we were kids, my mother always answered even our stupidest adolescent questions with the straight story. No euphemisms or misinformation from mom! A lot of these conversations ended with us yelling things like “Ugh! Gross! Mom, don’t tell us anymore!”

Mom was cool when it counted! One day, I thought it would be a good idea to take my flute apart. I mean completely apart. Dad had some tiny screwdrivers that I made very good use of. While the flute was laid out on the dining room table in its many pieces, mom happened to walk through the room. I heard her gasp a little bit but she just kept walking. I asked her a few years ago what she was thinking when she saw that. She said she figured if she had a fit, I wouldn’t be able to get the flute back together but if she left me alone, I’d probably fix it. She did the same thing when she went outside to find one of my sisters at the top of a tree. She figured if she yelled, my sister would fall so she just turned around and went back in the house. I got the flute back together and my sister never climbed a tree she didn’t successfully get herself down from. Good call, mom!

I’m sure you’ll be hearing much more about mom in the future. There are a whole bunch of Mom-isms that I can’t remember right now but I’ll be sure to post them as they come to me.
Like most daughters, my relationship with my mother can sometimes be rocky but when all is said and done, I admire her a great deal and feel very fortunate to have her as my mom.

Tomorrow, the New Hampshire Sheep and Wool Festival or Noah’s Flood, with fleece!


Anonymous said...

mom rules. she's a mom for a bunch more people than her own kids, which is pretty impressive. she can be tough, but in most cases, it seems meritted (that i've seen). she's my inspiration in terms of talking to kids- no bs, always best to tell them, in age appropriate words, and after you've become certain that you're answering the question asked, exactly what the situation is. i remember once apologizing in the full service shop for having some career compromising intestinal disturbance, confined to the restroom, but no less.... mom rolled her eyes, and lucy said, where the hell else are you gonna do it? that's what the can is for. then there was mint tea to make me better.

Happy mom's day!

arianna said...
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arianna said...

okay, clearly it was just my feed reader, because the same "problem" (the whole post being a link) isn't happening on the website, but still...weird. the weirder thing is that it's a link to:

does that make any sense to you? none whatsoever to me... :)

i really liked this mom post, though. it made me very happy, thinking of my own mom-isms...

(sorry about the earlier comment -- i pasted the wrong link by mistake! good thing it wasn't anything incriminating, haha!)

Monica said...

A very nice Ode to Mom. :)