Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Driving Mr. Darien

Believe it or not, the sun is actually out today! For those who’ve been keeping up with the Etsy site, I’ll be able to post some more sock yarn now that I can go outside and take pictures of it!
I was even able to get out for a short bike ride with my little nephew Darien!

Probably the best $250 I ever spent was getting this Trail-a-bike so that we could ride together. He just loves it and is always excited to go for a ride. The first time we went out last summer, we rode down the bike path. All along the way, he yelled to anyone walking by “My Auntie Lucy bought me a bike!!” This kid is not an introvert! I tried to explain that they really didn’t care that much but it didn’t stop him.
Sometimes he goes off into his own little world while we’re riding. Every so often, I’ll here things like “I’m Spiderman!” or “This is my motorcycle!” If it’s his motorcycle, I guess that would make me the engine. The really funny part is that if we ride anymore than about a mile I start hearing “Are we there yet?” from the back of the bike!
I wouldn’t recommend getting the Trail-a-bike for any kid younger than four because their legs can be a little short to reach the pedals. This makes them rock back and forth to pedal which makes steering a real trick. Thanks goodness Darien’s legs are a little longer than they were last year! All in all, even with a taller kid, this can be a bit like driving an eighteen-wheeler. Fortunately, people yield to us a lot of the time when we’re riding which is a huge help!

Today’s UFO is a little sweater for my new niece who’s due in late July. Because it will be summer, I’ve substituted Elsebeth Lavold Hempathy for the Debbie Bliss Cashmerino. I’m very pleased with the result! I have the back, the left front and about half the right front done. Posting UFO’s has been good for me. So far I’ve finished up the socks for my chiropractor and the scarf from the newsletter. I’ll post pictures another day. Meanwhile, happy knitting and enjoy our short reprieve from the rain!

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Anonymous said...

ha- i know i've told you before, but he sounds a little like me, when as a kid, i apparently walked down the street and said to people, "hi, my name is melissa... i live at 300 east potter street. my mommy's name is... my daddy's name is... i know my phone number, it's..." understandably, each year when it was crime prevention week, my mom had me fingerprinted in case i got kidnapped. sounds like fun with the kid. meret and ariana ride the bike too? haven't heard from the girls in a time now! i took your lead in posting ufos, now just have to finish some. a niece! another one! so exciting!